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Spatial UX design by VR

Spatial UX Design by VR

How to create a new space leaded by the user's personal spatial experience,UX.

For that purpose, we will visualize spaces and emotions by measuring VR and user's eye tracking and brain waves on actual places.

Promote spatial design of PDCA cycle by survey and evaluation, promote smooth consensus formation among stakeholders, and make the best spatial experience for everyone.




  • Eye tracking analysis service
    By wearing the eye tracking analysis device and VR goggle and measuring the eye tracking of the user, we will investigate what you are watching and how you are watching. By clearly indicating what UI is the user's spatial experience, such as signs, forms and spaces, we confirm and extend the design intent and build PDCA of UX design.
  • Brain Wave analysis service
    By wearing an electroencephalogram analysis device and VR goggle and measuring the brain waves of the user, we will investigate the journey map at the time of searching. By clearly indicating the space to be relaxed and the space to concentrate, confirm and extend the arrangement and layout of furniture and goods, strolls and stagnation of flow lines etc., and build PDCA of UX design.
  • Spatial promotion service
    We will output the first-person VR who wears VR goggles and watch the camerawork interwoven with first person and third person. While taking advantage of the characteristic of immersion by VR, considering cognitive maps and persons, introduce the attractiveness of the space by improving the user's intelligibility and emotional importance, and promote the consensus formation of the design.